Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ's before contacting support as many of the questions you may have are answered below.

How can my organization or group of friends receive a discount?

We offer discounts to all organizations/ groups that would like to make their purchase together. Please email us at with your group size, location and timing. The discount varies by group size and location. Please note group orders must be paid in one transaction.   

Where do you ship your Paintable Coolers from?

All orders are shipped from one of our three warehouses located in Fairless Hills, PA. Lawrence, KS or Lindon, UT. If ordering multiple items it is possible they may come from two different locations and arrive at different times. We try to ship all items together whenever possible and from the closest warehouse to your location.

How long will it take for my order to ship? How about deliver?

Some orders will ship same day and some orders will ship the next business day. This is dependent on what time we receive your order and how many orders we are received that day.Whenever possible we do ship same day if your order is received by 2pm local timezone. We currently are offering 1-5 day shipping nationwide powered by UPS. Please note all quoted delivery times on carrier websites are estimates by the provider and we cannot guarantee it will arrive on a specific day. It is always best to assume your cooler will ship the next business day. Saturdays & Sundays are not business days. For more information read our shipping page HERE.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday. We are closed on all national holidays and/or Postal Service Holidays.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. You may only use one payment method per purchase. If you need to use more then one payment method, please place multiple orders. Click HERE for more info.

Can I use a prepaid gift card to make a purchase?

Yes, you can use any prepaid gift card accepted by PayPal. Please checkout using Paypal and enter your prepaid card as normal. As always, please make sure your card has sufficient funds for the entire transaction or it may be declined.

Are COOLERSbyU™ coolers ready to paint?

Yes! COOLERSbyU™ coolers are ready to paint. They are shipped in a box and wrapped in a protective plastic bag. Simply, take out of the box, wipe down with a clean dry cloth then you may begin painting your cooler. There is no other prep work required to paint one of our coolers.

Is there any prep work required to paint my cooler?

There is no prep work required. You do not need to sand or prime a COOLERSbyU™ cooler. We do however recommend wiping it down with a clean dry cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaners, soaps or water as this will affect the paints ability to adhere to the cooler.

Why does the lid of the cooler look rough?

The lid of the cooler is lightly textured to add durability. The lid can still be painted as is. Just be careful painting on the sides of the lid and the hinge of the lid. This area of the cooler is very tight (in order to keep drinks and food cold inside) and may rub together. Any rubbing may cause paint to scratch off before it is sealed.

Can I remove the lid or handle of the cooler?

We do not recommend removing the lid or handle of our cooler. If you do choose to remove it, please be aware we are not responsible if this breaks your cooler. 

What are the best conditions for painting my cooler?

It is never a good idea to paint in direct sunlight. Whenever possible paint in a cool dry area to insure the paint dries quickly and adheres the best. We recommend painting when the temperature inside is between 50-75 degrees. Allow each coat to completely dry before starting the next. When in doubt, always refer to the paint manufacturers recommendations.

What type of paint do you recommend I paint my cooler with?

For best results use COOLERSbyU™ Acrylic Paint. This is a high quality acrylic paint.  We do not recommend using old paint as it tends to separate and wont adhere as nicely to your cooler. 

Should I seal my cooler after I finish painting it?

Yes! We recommend sealing you cooler with either Varnify or Modge Podge sealer. If possible, seal each side as you finish painting and decorating.

My Paintable Cooler arrived damaged; What can I do?

All our coolers go through a rigorous quality control process so they are guaranteed to leave our warehouse undamaged. We recommend upon receipt, open and inspect your cooler. Please report immediately to us with photos of the damage and shipping box. If the coolers outer box is damaged please contact the shipping carrier to file a claim. For more information click HERE.

My Order is missing items; What do I do?

If your order is missing items or you received the wrong item please contact us immediately via email to In order to assist as quickly as possible the support team will need your order#, issue and photos of what you received (in the case that it's wrong). We will help to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

If you still have any questions please contact