How We Stack Up

COOLERSbyU™ Coolers vs. most coolers

COOLERSbyU™ Paintable coolers   Most Coolers


Paintable  Requires Preparation
Yes 5 Flat Sides Requires Filler & Labor
Yes No Indentations or Logos Requires Filler, Tools &  Labor 
Yes Smooth Sides Requires Sand Paper, Labor & Time



Requires Primer & Time
Yes Works with latex or Acrylic Paint Requires all of the above.
0 hours Total Prep. Time 2 - 3 days

 COOLERSbyU™ Paintable Coolers are different than most coolers because they were designed from the ground up to be the perfect cooler to paint, personalize and customize. This means you do not need to sand or prime our cooler in order to decorate it. The difference is that COOLERSbyU™ coolers have no logos or indentations, no unnecessary texture, no glossy coating and come in flat white. On top of all that, all sides  are flat leaving nothing but the perfect ready to paint cooler. Next time you want to paint a custom cooler or start a new crafting project check out the only truly ready to paint cooler on the market! A COOLERSbyU™ cooler is the perfect canvas to express yourself.

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