Looking for the perfect font? We got the write one for you

Looking for the perfect font? We got the write one for you

Published by COOLERSBYU on 10/27/2017

Whether your trying to copy a logo or just looking to write a quote, finding the right font is always a challenge. Painting the font is even harder. So, we compiled a few sources that will simplify the search process and make painting easier. 

Using the websites below follow these easy steps:

1. Pick out a font

2. Download it or use screenshot the preview

3. Type it in a word document 

4. Print it out. 

5. Trace it on your cooler! (Watch Here)

  • Dafont
  • This great source will help you find a ton of free fonts. They are organized by style. It also features an easy to use preview, where you can type your text out and see how it will look.
  • Font Squirrel or My Fonts
  • Upload a photo of the font your looking for, and this website will tell you fonts that are similar; making matching any font a breeze.
  • 1001 Fonts
  • If your trying to copy a popular brands font then this website has a compiled a list of free fonts that resemble some popular brands.
  • Festisite
  • Alternatively, Festisite lets you modify popular logos in the correct typeface. Just pick the logo, type your text, then trace it onto your cooler.

Do you have a great website for fonts that we missed above? Share it with us in the comments below