Philanthropy Sponsorship: APES Breast Cancer Awareness

Philanthropy Sponsorship: APES Breast Cancer Awareness

Published by COOLERSbyU on 10/22/2019

October is breast cancer awareness month! Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer for women, it's important to find and treat early. A few months ago, a Delaware fraternal organization called APES reached out to us about their upcoming event.

APES is a small group located in Newark, Delaware. They had asked COOLERSbyU™ to support their efforts to raise money and awareness for this cause. The main premise of their event is to sell pink shirts during the month of October and have a fundraising awareness event on October 12th. The event & shirts not only raised awareness but also part of the proceeds went to their selected philanthropy, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. The event featured food and drinks along with music by @deerockmusic

After getting the information on their philanthropy event, we decided to kick in and do our part! We happily sponsored the event t-shirts to help them raise money for such an important cause. We checked in with the Delaware APES philanthropy chair, Ethan M. "The event was a huge success! We are almost completely sold out of shirts and have raised over $1000 so far for a cause that's very close to us. We have been raising money and promoting Breast Cancer Awareness for several years, since our organization was founded. We are very thankful that you (COOLERSbyU™) sponsored our event this year and look forward to working together again in the future"

We are so happy to be apart of events that give back. If you are apart of an organization on a college campus and are interested in COOLERSbyU™ sponsoring an upcoming event, please reach out to We would love the opportunity to talk with your group and find away for us to help out.