Quarantined due to COVID-19? Heres some activities for you and your family!

Published by COOLERSbyU on 03/21/2020

Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? The COVID-19 pandemic is shutting towns, cities and states down across the country and world. We are sure you are looking for some activities to fill your day; We've compiled a list of some of our favorite things to do when stuck at home:

  1. Do a Puzzle
    1. One of the best activities to past time and challenge your brain! When your done make sure to use use  Varnify to seal your puzzle

  2. Video Chat with friends
  3. Zoom & FaceTime are making it easier for groups to get together and practice social distancing. For those over 21, host a virtual happy hour with friends!

  4. Read a Book
    1. Now is a great time to throw on your comfy clothes, sit somewhere comfortable and dive into a new book. If you don't have one, don't worry! Theres plenty of places to download ebooks online. The best part? you don't even have to leave your house.

  5. Customize a Face Mask
    1. A regular face mask is boring! Why not decorate your own with your family and express your personality. The right tools are a click away with MASKSbyU Mask Kit

  6. Master a Language
      Whether it's learning Spanish, French or any other language, there's plenty of websites and apps to make you fluent. 14 days is plenty of time to learn the basics. 

  7. Paint a Cooler
      It wouldn't be a complete list with out mentioning this one!  Painting a cooler with your family is an excellent activity. Plus, at when you're done you will have an awesome cooler to show off this summer. 

    COOLERSBYU™ will ship orders as long as state and federal guidelines allow during this pandemic. 

  8. Bake a Treat
      Brownies, cookies or a cake, we won't judge, nothing is better then a homemade treat 

  9. Dust off a board game
      Our favorites are Monopoly and life! 

  10. Take a walk or bike ride
      Let's be honest, sitting in the house all day can get stale! Take your furry friend for a walk around the block or break out the bicycle and go for a ride.  But, always make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from others. 

  11. Start your spring cleaning
      Theres always a project around the house or apartment that needs tending to. Spring cleaning is one of them. Take this time to clean out your closet and make a donation of some of your unwanted clothes.

  12. Join on online workout class
      Gyms around the country are moving from studio to zoom, facebook live or another streaming service. They are all offering online classes to help you stay in shape. Theres plenty of options out there to keep you active.

  13. Watch a movie or binge a show
      Take a look at that watch list on Prime, Hulu or Netflix, pick a show or movie you've been wanting to see and start the binge.  Don't forget to include your dog!

  14. Have a Spa day
      Why not treat yourself with some self care? Throw on a mask, do your nails, take a bath and relax at home

P.S. We hope you and your families stay heathy and safe